Monday, June 23, 2014

Facebook....It was fun while it lasted! (April 22)

Well hello strangers. How're y'all doin'? 
#BecauseofHim this week was quite awesome! As you all know, this week, we had the opportunity to log onto Facebook for two hours a day and proselyte! I had some really great conversations about the Savior with some really great people! In fact, one of the young men I chatted with watched the video and we talked a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and that was awesome! It was nice to be able to plant some seeds and to open the door to Christ for all those back at home! 
So, are y'all ready for the Word of the Week? I'm sure you are.
Card of America: That precious piece of plastic that gives us the wonderful allotment of $140. The only problem is that we seem to use the money as well as the country uses its money.
But really, y'all. $140 is NOT enough. I'm down to 93 cents on my card. But this morning, I met up with a darling young women's leader of mine from Japan! Sister Bishop! Ah! She's too precious! She bought all of Sister Ketring's and my groceries! How sweet of her! She's definitely taking care of the needy!

I feel like little to nothing happened this week but a lot happened.
Last P-day was boring. Bland. No color. We just chilled at the Kimball building with other missionaries and were bored the whole time. You need to understand this: I was so bored....I played an ENTIRE game of Monopoly with other missionaries. I don't think those two and a half hours were pertinent to my salvation. But oh well.
We met with Sister Gray, from America Somoa--she's friggin' cool, and Sister Feinhour and discussed ideas of how to get work pumpin' in our area. They are FULL of great ideas! We had interviews with President Cannon and Sister Ketring told him that I'm ready to train. OH NO. But hey, there's a sister coming in from Allen, so hey! I wouldn't mind training a fellow Texan! 
I learned this week that you can thaw a ham on a trampoline....courtesy of the Yearsley family! Ha! One of the boys came in the house after attempting to jump on the trampoline and said, "Mom, I can't jump on the trampoline with the turkey rolling around everywhere!" Okay then....
We met with Naomi. She's doing pretty well. We reiterated the importance of church and baptism. She didn't show up to church this week though. Hopefully we can get her there next week. 
Okay, let me tell you--when we're over at a family's house for dinner and they're absolutely silent, it's pure TORTURE. Don't do that to the's awful! 
We've tried to contact a lot of less actives this week but no one's answered their doors. Argh. Oh well. Lots of cards were left! Haha! 

Awkward story: We met the Bluncks, a less active family, and Brother Blunck answered the door. We talked, and he invited us over to have dessert on Easter with the Funks (funny, right?). So we went straight over to the Funks to ask them about them and we walk in and say, "hey, Sister Funk! We just wanted to talk to you about the Bluncks!" and Sister Blunck turns around and says, "Oh sweet. I'm Sister Blunck!" Sister Ketring saved our BUTTS and just talked about Easter and dessert. Phew! That was a CLOSE one!
I helped make Peruvian food at the Carlisle's this week! Who knew condensed milk blended with crackers poured over a potato and lettuce would be so good? Who said Idaho couldn't be exotic?!

Easter was awesome, despite the fact that I was sick out my mind. The elders gave me a blessing yesterday morning and I was fine by the end of the night! I didn't get to eat any candy though, or as much ham as I wanted to. Oh well! Easter isn't about the candy or the food, but it's about Christ. He lives! Because He lives, we will live again! I love my Savior! Think of Him always!

Anyways, I'm off to hike with the zone up by Emmett! It's going to be a fun P-day! I'm hoping I won't get too sunburned! :) Have a fantastic week everyone!
Your missionary,
Sister Tyler


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