Monday, June 23, 2014

We've Been Waiting For You! (June 2)

Well hello! This is the week of month number FOUR! I'm still a baby buuuuuut I'm getting older! A LOT has happened here in Caldwell this past week. The Lord's hand has most definitely been evident in our work these past seven days. Let's get down to the nitty and gritty. The context isn't grammatically correct, but I just felt like saying that. So. What's something funny that happened this week? Oh my goodness. So. Much.

Oh, poor guy. So, we were driving on the boulevard, and this kid is on his bike riding on the sidewalk, and let's just say....don't overdose on crack. It kills. That night, we were telling Bishop Barclay about it, and he told us this story about the day he was driving down Midland towards Target and saw a family riding their bikes. The dad and the son were on one of those tandem-like bikes so the kid can help pedal but it's not a full-on tandem. Anyways, the dad's pants weren't pull up nearly enough, and the kid had no choice but to sit behind his dad as they biked down the road. Poor child. I have never seen Bishop laugh so hard. We were all crying. Yes, this is usually how our correlation meetings start out. Haha!

This week comprised of listening to a training from our district leader who's from the Dominican Republic and can't speak English that well, contacting, tracting, and more contacting! It was a fabulous week! Really though, no sarcasm whatsoever!

So, we decided to contact all the members that live in Faith Landing and Pamela's Loop so we can see who still lives there and who's moved. The first day was very tedious. Everyone who answered their door was not who we were looking for, or nobody answered at all. Not to mention, it was in the nineties this week....I know that's really nothing to complain about....but when you're in a skirt all day.....haha. So, Tuesday, nothing really happened. I don't know about Sister Seaich, but I was getting pretty discouraged--however, I refused to throw in the towel. Wednesday, we continued our efforts to contact those we haven't seen yet, or those who didn't answer their doors the day before. We were in Faith Landing for about two hours and in those two hours, we got a door slammed in our faces, we met a man with a tear drop tattoo, and nothing came from any of that. We got to the last street, Enoch Drive, yes. Enoch, basically the eternal city, or the promised land. So naturally, trying to keep my attitude positive, I start saying, "We're on Enoch. Enoch and his city was carried into Heaven. So, obviously, this is it. We're going to find a golden investigator on Enoch."

We knocked two doors. Again, no luck. We got to the very last door for the entire complex, and a lady answered. We asked her if it was the Nelson residence and she nodded, rather hesitantly. Her body language made my thoughts immediately go, "Crap. Another day. Nada." But then she explained that her husband was less-active and she wasn't a member, and then she invited us into her home. The first words she uttered were, "We've been waiting for you."

Now, this is where my eyes got wide, and I wanted to look up and say, "What?" We had a nice discussion with Courtney. We learned that she has been reading The Book of Mormon every night, and she's been waiting for missionaries for about six months, but no one told anyone. Her son, Daniel, from another marriage who is living with them, is ten and he wants to be baptized. There's no doubt in my mind that Sister Seaich and I were inspired to contact in Faith Landing. Although tedious, and uneventful, we endured to the end, and found, not one, but two investigators! We had about a thirty minute discussion with her about the church, and met Daniel and Anabelle (Brother Nelson's daughter), and set up an appointment to teach them. We walked out of there and literally, we started walking back to our car on the verge of tears. Golden. So beyond golden. What's more golden than gold? But really though.

We taught Courtney and Daniel the Restoration on Saturday, and before we started the lesson, we asked if she had questions, and she said, "Lots." So we started teaching and by the end, all the questions had gone. When I told the story of Joseph Smith and gave the account of his vision, I have never felt the spirit so strong. It was incredible. Heavenly Father, after four months, put someone in mine and Sister Seaich's path who is truly prepared. Wow.

Sunday was a miracle. The Nelson's came to church, and so did Sister Cook, a less active member. We'd visited the Cooks three times in the past three weeks. The first time, we met her and her son, and we invited them to church. They committed. They didn't show up. So we followed up with them the next week. Committed them to come to church again. They said yes. They didn't show up. The third time, we stopped by and invited her again, and she committed. I figured we'd have to follow up yet again, but miraculously she was at church on Sunday. She sat with us, and at the end of one of the most spirit-filled sacrament meeting, before the closing hymn, Sister Cook leaned over to us and said, "Thank you for being persistent with me. I really needed this. I need to be here." I had to literally fight back tears. Although I do not convert people, my efforts combined with the spirit, contributed to Sister Cook coming to church.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to the Lord this week. My heart is full. It may have taken four months of work, but it's all in the Lord's timing, and it was well worth the wait to see the hearts of the people here turn to the Lord and come to or come back to Christ. Conversion is a life-long process, and this week has strengthened my faith in the Savior like none other and I have become more anchored to the gospel. Now that I've seen first-hand what the Lord is capable of, I want to give it my all and never lose faith; never give up. I have come to know for myself that this is the only true church on the Earth today. Together with the Bible, The Book of Mormon offers the fullness of the gospel and with it, we can find peace and comfort from and knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't consider my choice to serve for 14 more months a sacrifice. It's nothing but a divine opportunity to work alongside the Lord in His vineyard. I love you all! Have a fantastic week, everyone! Don't forget how merciful the Lord is! Love, Sister Tyler


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