Monday, June 23, 2014

Clyde the Camel (May 19) fellow Americans....pahaha, sorry. My old district leader does a killer impression of Obama. Just sayin'. How are you all?!
This week has been FILLED with the spirit and, of course, with humor, as always!
Let's kick off this week's email with a word of the week, shall we?
Manipulation: Taking away your investigators agency by asking them questions that will cause them to answer the way you want them to. "You do want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, don't you?" "Because you believe the Bible, you'll certainly pay tithing." "You do want to take me out to dinner this week because you love missionaries, don't you?"
So, I told you we had transfers last week, and I got Sister Seaich! I LOVE her! She's just so awesome--very motivated, hard-working, very spiritual. This week was kind of slow since I was just helping her get to know the area, but hopefully this week will pick up a bit!
We visited a TON of less actives this week! We finally caught Brother B who is basically impossible to find at home since he works all around the country. We talked to him about why he left the church, and since his family is part-member, I felt inspired to ask him if he would feel more inclined to go to church if his wife or kids expressed a desire to go. That made him think. So, even though he's gone most of the time, his wife isn' we're going to stop by more often to try and get in with her!
That was just awesome and we both felt great. We can get him, somehow!
We saw Sister S, who is also the only member in her family. She, however, is active. It's just a matter of getting her husband and son interested in learning about the gospel! She has a great testimony of the Plan of Salvation. Her only problem is that she feels that she can't explain doctrine all that well. When she said that, I was drawn to the PoS pamphlet I've kept in my bag for the last two weeks for whatever reason, so I pulled it out and handed it to her and challenged her to read through it with her husband, especially as they are struggling with having a daughter who has severe heart problems. We are going to check back with her sometime this week!
We saw many other people, like Sister C and Austin who expressed desired to come to church. Although they didn't show up, I know that as we are diligent, and loving and persistent and bold, we can get them there.
This week was just grand. Fabulous really.

Sister Cannon called me on Monday night and asked me if I could sing with Sister Seaich, Sister Bowler, and Sister Bailey (new Sister Training Leaders) and she asked me if I could find 4 elders to sing with us. So, I called and called and called and all the elders said no. Now, I know I shouldn't use super casual or degrading language, but THOSE PUNKS! It's been stressful, so, now we've resorted to just us sisters singing. Hopefully it'll be good since we're performing at zone conference in front of 1/3 of the mission. Yikes. We're singing Come Unto Christ by Sally DeFord. It's a beautiful piece. I love it :)

So, let me explain the subject. I met a camel this week! Clyde lives just down the street and around the corner from us! We were riding our bikes, and saw a bunch of people brushing Clyde in the drive way so naturally I had to take that moment to feed a camel some carrots. DUH! How often is it that you'll meet a  domesticated camel? Gosh! He's HUGE. 

I have to apologize. I was awful and taking pictures this week, and we decided to try out the Caldwell Library and the computers are awful and I can't really upload the pictures I want to. So, never fear. They will be up next week at the Family History Center. Hahaha.
I have a really good feeling about the rest of this transfer. I'm working on my fourth month in the field! Woohooo! The church is SO true! :)
I love you all! Have a fabulous week and share the gospel with everyone you can! We have the most important thing; the most valuable and precious gift. It's not to be kept to ourselves. There should be church buildings on every corner of this country and around the world. There are 7 billion people in the world, and only 15 million members of the church---that includes less-actives. There should be 7 billion numbered among the fold of Christ so let's get to work! I love you all!
Sister Tyler


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