Monday, June 23, 2014

Saying goodbye is hard! (May 12)

Well hello there! I just got back from the transfer spot at Luby Park with my new companion, Sister Seaich! It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Ketring. In fact, I felt bad, because she cried and I didn't...but, I'm just not a crier. Oh well!

I apologize, I was in such a rush this morning that I forgot to pick a word of the week. I'll save the humor for next Monday! A lot has happened this past week in Caldwell. I'm getting so close to the members--which rocks, and sucks all at the same time because it'll be hard to leave when the time comes. I suppose I have about three months left in this area. Sweet! Trust me, I'll make the most of it! So last Monday, we had a funeral service for Elder Van Cleve (we call him Elder Van that approved? Probably not....oh well). We "killed" him and he's flying home tomorrow and he just wanted to have one last hoorah with all his missionary friends. So that was fun! We're really going to miss our zone leader!

I started Jillian Michaels on Monday night. The Idaho Nampa Mission is called "The 40 Pound Mission", however, rather than gaining the weight,
I plan to lose the weight! BAM. I bought a four dollar scale from Savers and I lost a pound this week. Whaddup!

Oh my freak. There was this lady at the family history center. Let's call her.....Crazy K. The name is very literal. She's cray. Anyways, Crazy K is very loud and very much like Tessa. She was talking with the Spanish elders while they were waiting to email, and she says, "Beatrice is actually my Spanish name. That's what I introduced myself as at the pulpit in Spanish ward." None of the missionaries could contain themselves....including me. I put my head down on the keyboard and just laughed until tears ran down my face. It was grand.

We had our first lesson with Jenna! She's been reading Preach My Gospel so it was more of a discussion rather than a lesson--which was really nice. She has such a desire for everyone to have the gospel. We set a baptism date with her for July 9th! That's her grandfather's birthday. He's a member, and he's practically on his death bed, so she wanted to make her baptism as special as possible. She's such a sweetheart. We love her! We took Abby and Chloe the first time, and the Young Women's president from her ward the second time. Since Jenna's parents are only comfortable with sisters teaching her, and she lives outside our ward boundaries, we need to fellowship her in the right ward. She went on Sunday with her mom, who's less active, and she loved it! Man. She's golden. Even though we can't count her lessons for our numbers, [it's not about the numbers, numbers, numbers] it's great to feel her spirit and influence. She's such a strong young woman. I just adore her and love her to pieces. I really hope I stay in the area until August so I can be there when she's baptized!

We had dinner with a family--the Buttorfs....emphasis on "Butt". Make sure to pronounce the t's! Be not afraid of the "Butt!" They made sure to tell us that....haha, but anyways, Brother Buttorf served his mission in London South! WHAT. So jealous. We was around the temple a lot. Man. I'm so jealous. You know how I am when I hear anything about anyone going to London. Gah. I also held a brand spankin' new puppy at their house. TOO precious! Sister Ketring and I were headed up to a member's apartment when the elevator opened and we saw sleeping bags, pillows, and a bookshelf just sitting there. Sketch. After the lesson, we got back in the elevator and it was gone. Sketchier. There's something about Caldwell apartments that are just sketchy.

We started teaching a baptist missionary in the YSA who's been attending church with a member. He's found so many similarities between the church and his. I was afraid that all he wanted to do was Bible bash, but he listened intently to the lesson on the Restoration. It was so spiritual. Sadly, he didn't like the focus being on him and only him, so he "semi" dropped us. We're just going to give him some time with the Book of Mormon, to read it and to pray about it. And the member will let us know when we can go back. I was surprised to hear, "He's Baptist and he's interested in learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I feel like those two terms just never go in the same sentence....but hey! It's good!

So, remember the word of the week last week? BSU? So, I heard a member say, "BSU--the only university where they put the BS right in front of you." Pahaha. My life. Sorry to any Broncos fans who are reading this....but let's be honest....only Idahoans are Broncos fans....right? If not, sorry not sorry. We knocked on a less-active family's door on Wednesday. We've been meeting with them since March just trying to get to know them and build our relationships with them so we can teach them the importance of church and the gospel. The wife let us in on what happened in their lives before moving to Caldwell. Wow. Lots of rebellion came from her daughter. Teen pregnancy. Embarrassment. Burned out from holding so many church callings and so on. She told us that is was a miracle that her daughter even let us in the first time we knocked on their door because she was so against the church and anyone having to do with it. She said that we touched her heart somehow, and that touched my heart. I'm helping people open the door to happiness. Wow. That felt so great.

So, Elder Ngatuvai ate it on his bike riding down Caldwell Boulevard on Thursday. He called us and when we got there, his tire was totally bent and he told us someone ran into him with their car, and since they were in a rush, they gave him a 20 dollar bill. What a pill! Haha, turns out, he was tried to go up on a curb and the odds weren't in his favor... Also, Bishop played the first part of Sexy and I Know It for that approved? Hmmm.

We taught Ann again! She finally has a Vietnamese Book of Mormon. Now we're just working on getting her a Bible! It's still so strange to me to be teaching someone who has no idea who the Savior is. Obviously, it's a rare opportunity. When am I ever going to teach someone about Jesus Christ who has no idea who He is? Chances of that are slim to none, and I'm really grateful to be teaching her. We gave her a framed picture of Christ to have, and she just loved it. Ah, she's so great. I love her. Obviously I got to skype home yesterday and that was just marvelous! It was so great to see my friggin' awesome family! I'm so lucky! Although, I still feel dumb for sending Mom money....but I just feel so bad so easily about spending my money! Gosh! Haha, thanks for all of your love and support back home. I really appreciate all of you and everything you do to make me feel loved and appreciated! The church is true! :) Until next week! Love, Sister Tyler


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