Monday, June 23, 2014

Three Months in the Mission Field! (May 5)

Hey everybody! Today marks three months since I left home for the MTC in Provo! WOW. I feel like these have been the fastest three months of my LIFE. Sometimes I wish time would just take a chill pill. Transfers are getting close. Sister Ketring and I FINALLY have gotten our feet on the ground and we have a TON of work going on in our area in the Caldwell East stake. However, our area is getting split so although we are most likely getting new companions next week, one of us will probably stay in 5th and YSA and the other in 12th. We just got word on who is housing the sisters who will cover 12th ward--Kris Mancinelli! She's a recent talk about convert retention at its finest! Sister Ketring and I have both agreed that we would love whatever area we serve in. We were iffy on 12th ward because we didn't know anyone, but we went to ward council for the second time in 12 weeks....and the council is all on the same page and united in every way. We love that. In fact, Sister Ketring and I kind of argued over who will get 12th ward. It's that good....

So, Word of the Week, yeah?! BSU: Boise State University Football. The only good sports team in all of Idaho. Ridiculously over-hyped and exaggerated. You Texans think football gets crazy down south? No no no. I've seen cars, mailboxes, and even homes that have been painted blue and orange in support of the Broncos. It's unsettling. Next time we go by Dakota's house, I'll take a picture of the mailbox in his neighborhood. Really, ya'll. It's crazy.

So, last P-day we hung out with our zone at a park in Caldwell. I think a pipe broke or sprinklers were on all night because the grass was super moist. Grrrrross! We played sand volleyball with the elders and sisters and just hung out and chatted. It was a really laid back P-day. Today, Sister Ketring and I are going was 80 the other day and I don't have very many clothes cool enough for 80 degree weather. I was DYING. It's also our zone leader, Elder Van Cleve's last P-day with us before he goes home!

A few weeks ago, after trying to contact her three times, we left a card on a woman's door. The thing with cards is that nobody ever calls us when we leave them....yet we do it anyways because you never know what might happen. So, about a week and a half passes after stopping by her house, and we get a phone call. It's Donna's granddaughter! We set up an appointment and visited with her in the early afternoon. Turns out Donna takes care of her mom who broke her pelvis--ouch!--and isn't home between 1 and 11:30PM. No wonder we haven't been able to contact her! Haha, she's a super nice lady. She isn't endowed and she's married to a nonmember, so we'll be working with her! She lives in 12th ward so perfect! We're getting work started! Her granddaughter, Simone, just got called to a mission in Peru! I can't remember which though, but by her description of the mission, the can's and the cannot's...I'm grateful I'm serving stateside. Mom, you should be too! Yikes!

We had dinner with the Carter's again! Sadly, Tessa wasn't nothing funny happened there, dang-it. So, we went to Sisters Conference on Tuesday, which is basically Zone Conference but with all the sisters in the mission. It was grand. We got rebuked for our eating habits. Sigh. It's safe to say, Sister Ketring and I have agreed to actually take that 30 minutes between 6:30 and 7 and exercise....haha. Jillian Michaels, puh lease! Back to Sisters Conference, though. We played with play-do....and our team attempted to make a temple.'s awful. We shouldn't be architects. That's for sure!

Sister Cannon gave a great address on the talk by President Uchtdorf called "The Forget-Me-Not." It was splendid. They gave us forget-me-not seeds. They're really pretty flowers! Sisters Conference was a lot of fun. I saw Sister Gubler along with the other sisters from my MTC zone. They're all doing well!

Wednesday morning was a sticky situation. Let's just say I started off my day by stepping in dog poo. The Neal's dog is 15 years old, blind and's just time. After that dilemma, Sister Ketring and I, since we have a bike rack, went to help the Spanish elders retrieve Elder Torres' bike. So, Torres isn't very smart. He bought a bike....even though he's in an all-car area....and just left it in downtown Caldwell without locking it up. He left it there for three days. So yes, it got stolen and we wasted miles. But it was funny to see Elder Collette laugh at his companion.

Last week, I told you that we've been doing service for Grandma and pricing her belongings so she can sell them. I found a baseball card.....and his name.....was.....Bob Boone. Now say it slowly. Now say it fast. Yup. His name is basically Baboon. Too. Much. Oh good times.

 Alright, we got a call from Naomi this week. She's decided that she doesn't want to be baptized. I knew what was coming as soon as I heard the words, "We need to talk." Yes. She broke up with us. However, we are still going to visit her since she didn't drop us. We caught Bruce and chatted with him about her situation. He thinks it's just the smoking situation. She's too dependent on smoking, and he's had a lot of great talks with his mom about it. So, we won't give up on her. Not yet.

We've been helping the elders clean Sister S's house as she gets ready to have her 4th a single mom. So, we walked into her back room, and you couldn't even see the floor. It looked like the room of a hoarder. Sister Ketring and I worked pretty fast and got it all cleaned out in about three hours. It's now a cute craft room. There was just a lot of clutter. I've vowed to never let my home get that bad...but really though. It's been fun helping her out with cleaning and prepping for baby C!

We went out to the orchard in Marsing with the YSA and learned how to thin apricots! Then we had ribs and s'mores. Yummmm. Can I just stay in the YSA for the next two transfers? The food is exquisite. Break the Fast yesterday was maaaaaarvelous. Oh man. Food. It's the best four-letter word out there. Speaking of food, our stake president, President Lewis, took all the missionaries in the stake out to GOLDEN CORRAL on Saturday after Stradling and Ngatuvai's baptism. Pure bliss, I tell you. Elder Ngatuvai stacked up on sliders, since he can't have his McRatchet from McDonald's while Elder Stradling stuffed his face with every single dessert and while eating his cotton candy, he said, "I think I just got diabetes." The kid's smaller than me. It was golden. Man. President Lewis is the bomb. He knows that missionaries aren't perfect and he's totally on our side. It's great. He's just great.

While we were there, Jenna and her parents walked by and we met her parents. They love us! They said she can start taking the lessons from us and we can even meet at HER house! Blessings! Sister Ketring and I finally got our Sunday schedule DOWN just in time for transfers! Haha, we attended all three wards. 5th ward at 9, 12th ward council at 11:30, 12th sacrament meeting at 1, left for YSA after the sacrament, YSA testimony meeting, sunday school and relief society. Break the Fast at 4:30, and a shepherding couples meeting at 5....dinner at 6. We were booked!

We found a new investigator in the YSA! We're meeting with Jay on Tuesday! This week has been one of the best weeks since being out. I had a lot of fun. We've done a lot of work. we're getting the field ready for the next missionaries, that's for sure :) I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! I'll let you know what happens with transfers next week! Mom, you'll obviously know on Sunday! Can't wait! Love, Sister Tyler


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