Monday, June 23, 2014

It's me again! (June 9)

Hello my loves!
Another week in the mission field: DONE! It's P-day! Yay! 
This week wasn't as crazy awesome as last week, but really, any week in the mission field is just awesome when you're on the Lord's errand!
Sister Seaich and I went on day exchanges with our sister training leaders. I went with Sister Bailey to 12th ward. That was kind of tedious, but fun nonetheless. We walked. A lot. It was super hot and humid for once. Man. That, most definitely, wasn't the fun part!
Remember that llama from my first week in Caldwell? So, we decided to name him Cuzco. It's only appropriate.

We found a dead fish on the side of the road. I guess when you're in Idaho and you see roadkill, anything goes!

So, I don't think I'm meant to rude a bike. Sister Seaich and I were riding down our favorite hill, and I ran over something and my tire literally blew. It wasn't a goat head. It was a flipping NAIL. A huge one, too. Argh. It was a struggle....and I'm too broke to buy a new tube. Man. Missionary life, y'all. The struggle is so real.


But no, it's been a good week. We didn't get to have a lesson with the Nelsons this week because Courtney was sick, but we stopped by earlier in the week and she loved church, which is great! Her only hold up is wearing a dress.....that's pretty sad, but it's something we can help her get over.
We got in with the Bradshaws! We've been really good at catching him at home now. We talked to him and his wife. It's interesting to me that they both have different religious views. He believes in a higher power, and she believes in God. It was really nice. They're a part member maybe we can, at least, plant a seed there!
We found a new investigator for the YSA this week! His name is David. He lives at a halfway house, believes in Greek mythology, and his doctor apparently prescribed smoking. He has the desire to learn and he wants to be baptized. It's going to be a tough run with him, but everyone needs the gospel. I often have to remind myself that not everyone grew up with a gospel foundation like me. With that said, it may be an interesting experience, but a learning experience at that!
Sister Seaich and I spoke in YSA sacrament meeting yesterday and told our conversion stories. Speaking for 20 minutes is a WHOLE lot easier than I thought it'd be. I left my poor companion with ten minutes to speak. Whoops. It was nice. We got a lot of compliments on our talks. Hopefully we were able to touch at least one person in the congregation.
Like I said, this week wasn't as eventful as last week, BUT it was good! 
I love you all and I miss you a TON! 
Have a good week everyone!
Sister Tyler


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