Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello my lovelies! My goodness this week has FLOWN by! I know you all miss me oooooh so much, but I wish time would slow down!
I heard DFW had a hail storm?! I hate being away during April and May. Tornado season sucks and it makes me stress. However, I have full faith that the Lord will take care of y'all.
So, let's get this show on the road. Word of the Week, yeah? Get pumped!
Greenie Mail: Greenies get 10 times as much mail as they are entitled to get. I guess that's their revenge for us calling them greenies. It dies out though before they stop getting called greenies.

The Greenie Mail has finally ceased. Oh well. I see your love for me has diminished. It's fine. I've been out for two months. It's about time. Sigh.

SO. Let me recount this past week's happenings for you.
Last P-day was fabulous. We had Winger's for dinner again and that made me ecstatic! What is in that sauce?! We joined the Brickey family for Family Home Evening and we read out of Preach My Gospel with them to help their family get into the habit of learning from it just like Elder Ballard asked us. The Brickey’s are awesome. We love them to death. So, you know the guy from Daddy Day Care? The one whose face the little girls defile with makeup? Yeah, so Brother Brickey looks and talks just like him. I'm almost convinced he just got a buzz cut and died it blonde because DANG.

Tuesday, we went and talked to the Activity Day girls. My goodness, they're too presh. One of them asked us how to deal with bullies and it broke my heart. We did, however, give her some great advice and we bore testimony of Christ. While the world goes up in flames, the only thing that will stay constant is the Savior and His infinite Atonement and love for each of us. We handed each of the girls a Book of Mormon and challenged them to give it out in a month. All of the leaders accepted the challenge too. We have lots of families to follow up with now!

So, I finally had to take defensive driving.....because I got in a wreck.....three years ago. But hey! I got a 90 on the test so I am now "legal", if you will, to drive in the Idaho Nampa Mission. Why did I only get a 90 though? Well, a T/F question asked a statistic about drunk drivers. Now, is that really pertinent to my ability to drive? I think not....so if you ask me, I aced it!

We learned this week that Kenny, Grandma's son, has checked himself into rehab in......drum roll please.......Las Vegas! Ironic, right? But on a serious note, I'm so happy that he's taking that step. He went to rehab in California before, but he wasn't in a good place at the time. Now that he's found his testimony and he truly wants to stop, the Lord will assist him in doing so. Sister Ketring and I went to the Post Office on Wednesday to ship his Book of Mormon to him. Grandma asked us to write our testimonies in the cover, so we did. That was neat. Hopefully he will appreciate that!
We had dinner with the Brickeys. Did I already say I love them? We quoted Brian Reagan and played "Left, Right, Center". The game was a bit tedious but fun at the same time. Is that a plausible combination? I'm sticking to it anyways, mind you.

We taught Naomi this week about the Word of Wisdom. She's accepted the invitation and challenge to quit smoking. She got some teeth pulled two days later, so my guess is she's keeping the commitment! Haha! Naomi is changing rapidly and that change is so evident. She's become more spiritually in tune with the Lord and His will. It's so wonderful to experience her conversion to the gospel---and to the Lord, of course.

Friday was an AWESOME day! We went to the Vallivue High School seminary barbecue and literally the entire school showed up. There are almost two thousand kids. Wow. Mariah Funk brought her friend, Anne, a young girl who moved from Vietnam with her family about eight months ago. She and Mariah were talking about Jesus Christ and who he was. She has never heard of him. Mariah wasn't at all certain how to approach the topic so she brought Anne to meet us. Needless to say, we have a new investigator! We just ordered her a Vietnamese Book of Mormon and Bible. We're teaching her on Friday--my two month mark! Woo! After the barbecue, we went around to less actives and part-member families to invite them to come to the ward Easter parties that we had on Saturday. None of them showed up, but it's fine. At least they were invited!
We watched The Best Two Years with Bishop Barclay and his family. It was fabulous! Beyond accurate.....it was definitely a good time. Sister Ketring and I were laughing so hard at the accuracy!

This week was just fabulous.We found out we can use Facebook this week and we are so excited to spread the word on social media this week!
I wish every week was as good as this one! We're quickly approaching Naomi's baptism date! Sister Ketring and I are getting excited!

I love you all, and I hope everything is going well down in Tejas! I miss it! I miss you all! All is well in Caldwell, Idaho!

All my love,
Sister Tyler


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