Monday, April 7, 2014

Second Transfer: Two scheduled baptisms!

Hello all! This week has been filled with blessings and so many lessons! 
Before I delve into this past week's adventures, let's start off with the word, or in this case, phrase of the week!
Pray About It: When you ask President Cannon for permission to do something that you really know is wrong in the first place, this will be what he'll say. It means NO.
Too accurate.

So last P-day was marvelous! We drove up to Jump Creek to go "hiking." It ended up being more of a walk down to the waterfall, but we climbed up the hills so it was more of a "halk." It's beautiful up there, nonetheless. The scenery from the parking lot reminded me of the Irish countryside. Very hilly and green. Y'all. I love seeing green everywhere. It's gorgeous. Not to mention, the weather was perfect. I got to wear short sleeves! YES! After the "halk", we went to Wingers (are you really that surprised?) with Elder Hatefi and Elder Reischman. So, E. Hatefi ordered a coke and they brought him a Pepsi. He was MAD. He reminded me of Mom when she goes to McD's and orders a Diet Dr. Pepper and they give her regular....not okay! But it was fine. Sister Ketring's mom actually sent her a Wingers gift card. YES! 

We went service tracting on Tuesday with Abby. She's a ward missionary now! First, we did spring cleaning at the Neals. That was an experience. Two words. Dusting. Sucks. We went over to the Siddoways, who were getting ready for their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. All we did was move a box, and then Sister Ketring played As Sisters in Zion on the piano. So, since we shared a spiritual message of a sort, that can count towards our weekly numbers, right? ;) Afterwards, we went over to the Dougals and pulled some weeds. We headed over to Grandma's, but she wasn't home so we looked across the street and beheld the house where the G’s live....Sister Ketring and I looked at each other and decided that we needed to serve those kids and their mom. We did their dishes. They were stacked. Their house smelled like a gerbil's cage that hasn't been cleaned out. The kids were dirty. Trash was EVERYWHERE. But we did it with smiles on our faces. Those kids deserve better but we don't know how to help them. I walked out of there with an attitude of gratitude for the home my parents built where Christ is the foundation, where love resides, where service is rendered. So, thank you Mom and Dad for loving me the way you do and for everything you've done for me! 

On Wednesday, I went on exchanged with Sister Wright! We went to her area in Homedale. We were BUSY. But I didn't feel like I had fun. The work was great...but I feel like I didn't get to express my personality with her. Hm. Oh well. We met some interesting people. One of their investigators has two sons, and they were running around blowing snot bubbles. Big ones. Gross....another investigator, Rocky, lives more out in the country, even though you can't really get more country than Homedale anyways. He's so obsessed with guns and hunting, you'd think he was from Texas. So, not knowing that holding guns was against the mission rules (sorry Mom!) I held a sniper rifle....yikes! He has at least 60 guns of all sorts. He also shoots cats. I like him. Sister Ketring and I were playing phone tag all night....I hated that. What did she want?!

So, when we exchanged back on Thursday, I was SO excited to have my companion back! Sister Ketring told me that Dakota has accepted the gospel and wants to be baptized. She and Sister Ammodt taught Dakota and Wednesday and asked him if he'd been praying about Joseph Smith and the BOM & he said he knows it's true because of Alma 33:14. SO Sister Ketring took that opportunity to extend the baptismal invitation and he accepted! He'll be baptized April 26th--Dad's birthday! SO exciting!
On Friday, we had appointments set, but our appointment with our previously "new" investigator was a no-go. Jamie didn't answer. Hmmm. But we taught Kenny and restarted the lessons with him and he is now gaining a better understanding of prophets!

Saturday was a LONG day! Mostly because of the anxious and long wait for transfer calls. We had breakfast with our district at the stake center and amid the chaos, we all received a voicemail from P-Can. We're staying right where we are! Woohoo! We headed over to the Montana building for a combined district meeting with Elder Fuller's district. E. Hatefi and Fuller gave an excellent training. We read through John 11, the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead by the Savior. The Elders asked us to think of ourselves as Lazarus. The point of the training was, we may feel dead, and we may feel like it's over and there's no hope and there's no where to turn. We may be "dead" for four days, four months, or four years, but we are not the only one who is suffering. Jesus wept because he had to wait to raise Lazarus. The Lord has to wait to relieve us of our afflictions because if He does it right away, we will not learn and we will not grow. It kills Him to have to wait. Our Father in Heaven is so willing to bless us, but we need to have faith and we need that growth. After those four days or four years, how great will be the day when Christ says, "Arise, and come forth." Always remember why we have trials and always remember how great that day will be when we are relieved from them and rise triumphant out of adversity.

Sunday was INcredible! After fast and testimony meeting, we were approached by a young girl, around 16 or 17, named Jena, and her friend Kelsey who is a laurel. Jena asked us how long it takes for her to be a member. SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! We set a date for April 26th, same day as Dakota, so we can ensure we get all the lessons in! AH! Blessings. We also taught the youth in 5th ward the importance of Preach My Gospel and why they should study it now. Ian Brickey, a youth, came up to us and told us that was the best combined YM/YW lesson he'd been in. Tender mercies. That night, we had a zone activity. Some members from another area put together a sensory presentation and it. Was. So. Incredible. We were blindfolded and walked through the life of the Savior--his birth, earthly ministry, atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection. They would put things in our hands such as hay to represent his birth, a nail to represent the crucifixion. We were helped onto our feet and walked around the room blindfolded, and helped carry a beam. I only felt a fraction of what the Savior felt. I was in tears. It was beautiful. At the very end, we were back in our chairs, and as they talked about the Savior coming to the America's, I felt someone take my hand---he represented the Savior. More tears. It was beautiful.

This week has been magnificent. I'm so grateful to be here. I'm grateful for the gospel and I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and this is the same church He established. The gospel is for everyone! Share it! I love you all!
Sister Tyler


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