Thursday, December 12, 2013


I can’t believe I leave in seven weeks. It feels like just yesterday I opened up my mission call. Honestly, although I joked about getting called to Idaho or Utah, I never imagined I’d literally be called to one of the two states. Crazy, right?
BYU-Idaho is where I’ll be attending when I return home from the Nampa mission. I find it intriguing that Heavenly Father would call me somewhere I’d be spending four years post-mission. I’m guessing Idaho is where I belong and because of that, I’m grateful I’ve been called to the land of potatoes.
I’ve taken the next step in my eternal progression; taking out my endowments in the Lord’s house. That was such a blessing and a really great experience to be able to feel the spirit like I’ve never felt prior to the temple. There was no way I could doubt anything I had felt that evening. That’s what I love about His Spirit. The spirit is undeniable.
February is approaching more quickly than I’d thought, to be quite honest. Both October and November went by in the blink of an eye. December is already almost over, and who knows how fast or slow January will go?
I know that my Redeemer lives, and that He is pleased with my decision to serve in His vineyard for eighteen months. Eighteen months. Wow. What a humbling feeling it is to know that a perfect man, the Son of God, and even Heavenly Father are pleased that I, an imperfect and flawed daughter of a King, have the desire to dedicate my life to Him and His children for a span of 18 months. What an incredible knowledge to have of the love my Father and Elder Brother have for me.
That’s why I’m venturing out on the Lord’s errand–to share that with the people of Idaho and Oregon.


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