Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good ALWAYS Wins

My journal has been sitting on my desk, untouched, for months and months. So, I figured I’d pick it up and get a kick out of some of the entries. I had forgotten, however, that this particular journal was set aside for spiritual promptings and general conference notes. So I read anyways.
Ten minutes and two paper-cuts later, I came to the notes I had taken on President Uchtdorf’s talk regarding the light of Christ in his conference address earlier this year. So incredibly moving.
I feel that we are forgetful that God is purposefully throwing us curve balls while, however, not leaving us completely alone to fight through the trial at hand. The trials I typically think of are small; ones blamed on allowing the adversary to grab hold of me from time to time.
President Uchtdorf gave a brilliant reminder in his address: “We will make mistakes. We will falter, but the darkness will fade because it cannot dwell in the presence of light.” He went on to say that, “Christ is the ultimate entrance into divine light. Even after the darkest night, God will lead you to the brightest dawn.”
That rings true to my heart. We’ve been given the gift of the Atonement to allow us to repent of the things we do that are not in harmony with the teachings of the Savior, as well as to be comforted by His spirit when no one else can. Remember, He knows how you feel when trouble comes over you.
Satan will get us from time to time because we are imperfect beings. He carries out his plan of attack when we are at our weakest. Whether it be a moment of despair, a moment of weakness, a moment of agony, remember it can be overcome by the power of our Savior through the Atonement. Light and darkness cannot coexist. Good will always triumph over evil. So long as you choose the Lord’s side, the darkness will fade and light will fill your heart.


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