Monday, February 3, 2014

My days as an avid tweeter and Facebook-er are coming to an end--or at least an eighteen month hiatus. One day more. One more day until I enter the mission field as a representative of Jesus Christ. My heart has been so full of gratitude and love for the gospel more so than in years passed. My love for my Savior and His church has grown significantly throughout the process of mission preparation. I've been so blessed to have grown up with the truthfulness of the gospel in my life. I honestly do not know where I'd be, or more importantly, who I'd be, if I didn't have the knowledge that I have and the tools that I've been given to return to live with my Heavenly Father someday. I know this is the Lord's church. He speaks to us through His servants, the prophet and His apostles. He speaks to us through personal revelation and through His Spirit. God is not absent in our lives. He is there for us. He answers prayers. One prayer He answered, in particular, was Joseph Smith's; a young boy who was searching for truth. He was answered by God and His Son in a vision. Joseph was given the tools to translate The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. I know it's true. It isn't just a collaboration of really intriguing stories. The stories told in The Book of Mormon are real. When we are lost, confused, troubled, or filled with despair, we can turn to that book. We can turn to the Lord for guidance. We can turn to the prophet and His apostles for counsel. God will not leave us alone. He sends His servants and His Spirit to lead and guide us. Our journey here on Earth wasn't meant to be easy. In fact, it's meant to be challenging to determine who we're willing to live for. I choose the Lord. Who will you choose?


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